What will you find in our cheese shop?!

First: high-quality products. We try to find small farmer producers, making cheeses with raw milk. We go to choose our cheeses one time a week, like this we can see, smell, touch and taste products to find the best! That's the reason why you can't find exactly the same cheeses each time you come in our shop.

We order some of our cheeses directly from the producers, and we try, when we have time, to go to see new different producers to find new gems!

We have already more than 100 different kind of cheeses and try to have some more.

We choose high quality products and try to sell them at a not expensive price. We want the best cheeses, from France or from foreign countries.

We have some very nice products from England, a Montgomery's cheddar for example, a beautiful Manchego anejo from Spain, or a kind of pecorino with black truffle from Italie.

If our selection changes sometimes because of the seasonality and the products quality, some "classic" chesses are here every week. Comté Charles Arnaud for example, which is the best Comté for us, Epoisses "domaine des Marronniers" which is the last Epoisses in France farmer and made with raw milk or the Napoléon, a nice sheep cheese matured during two years.

We love cheeses, and try to advice you, make you try, to let you pick the best selection for you!

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